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The future of applications

As business needs change, organizations must be able to deliver innovation quickly and adapt applications dynamically — reassembling capabilities from inside and outside the enterprise. To do this, organizations must understand and implement the “composable enterprise.”  Gartner “Future of applications - 2020”

Applications have not changed much in decades. Each one represents a static set of pre-defined user requirements - the antithesis of what’s required in today’s hyper dynamic, wear-many-hats work environment.  Our goal is to introduce users to a new way of working with information - one that recognizes that workflows are rarely confined to one application or static, unchanging definition.  We do this by breaking applications down into individual interactions that can be discovered, combined and used anywhere, by anyone.

Who we are

Signalpattern is the latest addition to the Bug Labs product portfolio. It represents the natural next step in our quest to democratize access to complex information and make it easy for non-technical users to experience the freedom of a world without data or application silos. Signalpattern is currently in early beta trials with several enterprise customers.  Click here if you’d like to join our beta group.